Just The Two Of Us

Duration: 26:10 Views: 2.5K Submitted: 3 months ago Year: 2022
Description: (Models Chris Summers, Jackson Wright). Chris Summers was chilling with his boyfriend Jackson Wright but he got horny all of a sudden because he realized how scantily he was dressed. This was the cue Jackson was waiting for so he started kissing. Chris immediately put his hand on Jackson's cock before dropping to his knees to show it some love. Jackson knew that he'd have to do the same because Chris will soon be deep inside him. He gave it a few licks before Chris had him turn around to play with his hole. Moments later, he was in and they started fucking. Chris was in full control and he picked up space, holding onto Jackson's hips. Then they changed positions and banged until Jackson could take no more. Chris loved what he had done to his lover so he came too!