Daniel Star & Milo Zayd

Duration: 18:40 Views: 3.0K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2022
Description: Milo Zayd is looking for some stress relief and Daniel Star is ready to provide. Milo sits down on Daniel's massage table and Daniel begins rubbing Milo's neck and shoulders. Daniels reaches down to pull Milo's shirt off at which time Milo stands up, strips down to his underwear and then lays face-down on the massage table. Daniel picks up the bottle of oil and applies a generous amount to Milo's back. Daniel stops to pull off Milo's underwear and at the same time takes off his own shirt. He puts some more oil in the palm of his hand and then gently pours it into Milo's ass crack. Daniel's hands and fingers rub the oil all over Milo's cute buns and then Daniel begins teasing Milo's tight pink hole. Daniel continues massaging both of Milo's legs and when he gets to Milo's feet, he spends some extra time massaging each of Milo's toes. Milo rolls over on the table and Daniels resumes by applying more oil to his hands before starting at Milo's neck, working his way down Milo's chest and abs but pausing when he gets to Milo's cock. At just the slightest touch Milo's cock goes from flaccid to long and rock-solid in seconds. Daniel has definitely discovered what was most in need of a rubdown. Daniel applies more oil to Milo's cock and a little to his fingers. He slowly pushes his finger into Milo's hole as he strokes his cock even faster. Milo begins breathing very deeply and as his entire body tightens his cock begins squirting load after load of thick creamy jizz all over his tummy. Milo sits up on the table and gives Daniel a big smile, obviously extremely satisfied.
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