Josh Cavalin & Jonah Knight

Duration: 18:13 Views: 2.5K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2022
Description: Josh Cavalin has thoughts of an adventure outside but Jonah Knight thinks they should just stay in and have some fun in bed. Josh is no fool and he's not about to pass up the chance to plow Jonah's tight ass. He jumps in bed next to Jonah and starts groping his crotch as the two kiss. Jonah's cock is already hard so Josh does not hesitate to pull off Jonah's pants and underwear. He swallows Jonah's dick and proceeds to work it in and out of his mouth, expertly using his tongue to tease Jonah. Josh rolls Jonah over onto all fours, stand up behind him and slowly pushes his thick, uncut cock deep into Jonah's hole. He starts pumping hard and fast and Jonah's cock bounces with every thrust. Josh lays back on the bed and Jonah mounts him. He sits straight down on Josh's long, thick cock and then, as he feels it deep inside him, Jonah starts bouncing up and down, working it as deep as it will go. Jonah rolls over and pulls Josh in behind him. Josh continues plowing Jonah's hole as Johan grabs ahold of his cock and starts jerking it. He's close, you can tell because his balls have all but disappeared. Just before Josh blows his wad he pulls out and dumps his thick creamy load of jizz all over Jonah's chest. Jonah is jacking his dick even faster and when his nuts do disappear his cock erupts, spewing cum all over his ripped abs. Josh leans down and swallows Jonah's cum-covered cock then proceeds to lick it clean. From the look on both of their faces I would say they were glad they stayed in.