DP ME! Sc. 1

Duration: 22:16 Views: 4.7K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2020
Description: (David Hollister, Jake Stark, Rodion Taxa). David has a surprise for Rodion and after tasting some cake, David says he's ordered a pizza and it's up to Rodion to guess the flavour whilst blindfolded. When the "pizza guy" Jake arrives, his cock is rock hard and already prepared to go into the Rodions mouth if that is where he wants it! Without much hesitation it goes straight in before Jake get's into a more comfortable position with some of his clothes removed. Moment's later, Jake is sucking off Rodion, who in turn is sucking David's cock. Rodion is clearly in need of some rear action and gets into position where David is sucking his sucking his cock whilst Jake rimms his hole! The action from here on only gets better, as Jake rides on Rodions cock whilst David is sucking him off, and clearly Rodion want's some of that action also, Rodion is so in need of cock, that nearer the end he'll get the double dose of cock he so desperately needs!