Christian Hermes and Alex Hofer

Duration: 24:12 Views: 3.5K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2021
Description: 29-year-old Christian Hermes meets Alex Hofer at his 20th birthday party. Alex is extremely shy but admits to Christian that he's never been with another man. The one thing Alex knows for sure is that he wants to suck another man's cock. As the party winds down Christian invites Alex back to his place where he offers to let Alex explore his curiosities without any pressures. As they walk in to Christian's place Alex is visibly nervous; but Christian does his best to reassure Alex as they take off each other's sweaters. With Alex sitting on the sofa, Christian stands up, unzips his pants and lets his big, thick uncut cock fall out. Alex's eyes get as big as saucers. He immediately drops to his knees in front of Christian and woofs down Christian's cock like an old pro. Christian realizes that Alex is getting into his dick so he starts power-fucking Alex's mouth and of course, Alex loves every inch of it. It's like he can't get Christian's cock deep enough down his throat. Alex decides he wants more. He wants Christian to be the first guy to fuck him. Alex bends over the sofa and with his own cock at full mast, Christian slowly pushes his cock deep into Alex's tight sweet hole. Alex must have really wanted it because he relaxed very quickly and started really getting into it. Christian starts pounding harder, deeper and faster. The huge smile that appears on Alex's face indicates he's definitely found what he's been looking for. After an intense fuck session Alex lays back on the sofa and Christian uses his fingers to fucks Alex's ass while Alex jacks himself off to an explosive and messy conclusion. Christian grabs his own cock and blows a thick load of jizz, coating Alex's face and chest. Alex leans forward to suck Christian's cock dry of any remaining drops of his creamy white cum.